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  Section A


  M: I’d like to go camping with you this weekend, but I don’t have a sleeping bag.

  W: No problem. You can count on me to get one for you. My family has tons of camping gear.

  Q: What does the woman mean?


  M: I know I promise to drive you to the airport next Thursday, but I’m afraid something has come up. They’ve called a special meeting at work.

  W: No big deal. Karen said she was available as a back-up.

  Q: What does the woman mean?


  W: Have you saved enough money for a trip to Hawaii?

  M: Not even close. My uncle must put the brakes on my travelling plans.

  Q: What does the man mean?


  M: I’m starving. Do we still have any pie left from the dinner yesterday?

  W: Oh, Julia invited her friends over in the afternoon and they ate it all.

  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?


  W: Three letters of recommendation are required to apply to graduate schools. I was wondering if the one professor Smith wrote for me last year could still be used.

  M: It’s a bit dated. You’d better submit a recent one.

  Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?


  W: I’ve noticed that you spend a lot of time tending your garden. Would you like to join our gardening club? We meet every other Wednesday.

  M: Oh, thanks for the invitation, but this is how I relax. I’d rather not make it something formal and structured.

  Q: What can we infer about the man?



  M: I heard the recent sculpture exhibit was kind of disappointing.

  W: That’s right. I guess a lot of other people feel the way I do about modern art.

  Q: What does the woman mean?


  M: Bob is running for chairman of the student union. Would you vote for him?

  W: Oh, I can’t decide right now because I have to find out more about the other candidates.

  Q: What does the woman mean?

  Conversation One

  W: I don’t know what to do. I can’t seem to get anyone in the hospital to listen to my complaints and this outdated equipment is dangerous. Just look at it.

  M: Hmm, uh, are you trying to say that it presents a health hazard?

  W: Yes, I am. The head technician in the lab tried to persuade the hospital administration to replace it, but they are trying to cut costs.

  M: You are pregnant, aren’t you?

  W: Yes, I am. I made an effort to get my supervisor to transfer me to another department, but he urged me not to complain too loudly. Because the administration is more likely to replace me than an X-ray equipment, I’m afraid to refuse to work. But I’m more afraid to expose my unborn child to the radiation.

  M: I see what you mean. Well, as your union representative, I have to warn you that it would take quite a while to force management to replace the old machines and attempt to get you transferred may or may not be successful.

  W: Oh, what am I supposed to do then?

  M: Workers have the legal right to refuse certain unsafe work assignments under two federal laws, the Occupation or Safety and Health Act and the National Labor Relat癫痫特效药ions Act. But the requirements of either of the Acts may be difficult to meet.

  W: Do you think I have a good case?

  M: If you do lose your job, the union will fight to get it back for you along with back pay, your lost income. But you have to be prepared for a long wait, maybe after two years.

  Q19. What does the woman complain about?

  Q20. What has the woman asked her supervisor to do?

  Q21. What does the man say about the two federal laws?

  Q22. What will the union do if the woman loses her job?

  Conversation Two

  W: Mr. Green, is it fair to say that negotiation is an art?

  M: Well, I think it’s both an art and science. You can prepare for a negotiation quite scientifically, but the execution of the negotiation has quite a lot to do with one’s artistic quality. The scientific part of a negotiation is in determining your strategy. What do you want out of it? What can you give? Then of course there are tactics. How do you go about it? Do you take an opening position in a negotiation which differs from the eventual goal you are heading for? And then of course there are the behavioral aspects.

  W: What do you mean by the behavioral aspects?

  M: Well, that’s I think where the art comes in. In your behavior, you can either be an actor. You can pretend that you don’t like things which you are actually quite pleased about. Or you can pretend to like things which you are quite happy to do without. Or you can be the honest type negotiator who’s known to his partners in negotiation and always plays everything straight. But the artistic part of negotiation I think has to do with re北京协和医院有癫痫病科吗sponding immediately to cues one gets in the process of negotiation. These can be verbal cues or even body language. This is where the artistic quality comes in.

  W: So really, you see two types of negotiator then, the actor or the honest one.

  M: That’ right. And both can work. I would say the honest negotiator can be quite effective in some circumstances. In other circumstances you need an actor.

  Q23. When is a scientific approach best embodied in a negotiation according to the man?

  Q24. In what way is a negotiator like an actor according to the man?

  Q25. What does the man say about the two types of negotiator?


  Section A


  答案:She can lend the man a sleeping bag.

  【解析】这是一道较为简单的推理题,前提是考生需知道camping gear表示“野餐用具,露营装备”,由此可知,camping gear包括sleeping bag,即女士能借给男士一个睡袋,此题的设置稍微绕了个小弯,为考生解题设置了一定难度。go camping:去野餐,去露营;sleeping bag:睡袋。


  答案: Karen can take her to the airport.

  【解析】此题为细节题。从对话中可知,男士下周四临时有事不能送女士去机场了,女士回答说Karen有空。back-up:n. 备用,备份,考生如果知道这个单词的意思,对整个对话的理解会有帮助。


  答案:He can’t afford to go traveling yet.

  【解析】此题为推理题。从男士的回答“我叔叔对我的旅行计划加以限制了。”中可推断出,这位男士还没有足够的钱去旅行。put the brakes on sth.表示“对……加以限制”,即使考生不知道这个短语的引申含义,但听到brake“刹车”应该也能大概判断出来答案。


  答案:The man has to find something else to eat.

  【解析】此题为简单的推理题。从对话中可知,女士回答说Julie下午邀请了她的朋友,他们把剩的饼都吃光了,由此可推断出这位男士不得不找别的东西吃。starving:adj. 饥饿的。


  答案:Present a new letter of reference.

  【解析】此题为细节题。只要考生抓住这位男士回答中的关键词dated和recent,就不难找出正确答案,而且,整个答句也很短,均是简单句,易于考生理解。letter of recommendation和letter岳阳癫痫医院哪个比较好 of reference意思相似,均可表示“推荐信”。


  答案:He declines to join the gardening club.



  答案:Many people do not appreciate modern art.

  【解析】此题为简单的推理题。只要考生能理解女士的回答“我猜许多其他人对现代艺术和我的感觉是一样的。”,即可选出答案,而且答句中没有一个生难单词。sculpture exhibit:雕塑展。


  答案:Bob cannot count on her vote.

  【解析】此题为推理题。这位女士回答说她现在还没决定选谁,因为她还要看看其他候选人的资料和表现,由此可推断出,Bob不能依赖这位女士的选票。 run for:竞选;chairman of the student union:学生会主席;vote for:投票赞成。

  Conversation One

  19. The health hazard at her work place.

  20. Transfer her to another department.

  21. Their requirements may be difficult to meet.

  22. Try to help her to get it back.



  本对话考生虽然对辐射造成身体伤害的话题并不陌生,但整个对话中部分单词可能还是会造成不少听力困扰。比如:health hazard(健康伤害)中的hazard;X-ray equipment(X光仪器)中的X-ray和两大法案的名称虽不难,但也容易混淆大家的视听,而误抓重点。

  Conversation Two

  23. In the preparatory phase.

  24. He behaves in a way contrary to his real intention.

  25. Both can succeed depending on the specific situation.





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